Loving Philippines Is Not Enough

I love Philippines

This is in response of the patriotic message of Jaeyoun Kim to our country. He narrated the mirror of the Philippine economic condition as well as giving comfort on how to love and act to eradicate the mentality of not loving our country. According to Jaeyoun Kim, the lack of love for our country is the ultimate problem of the Philippines why we are always complaining about corruption.

However, for me, it is not just only the lack of love why we are suffering these “illnesses”. We love our country very much but others are not- they are irresponsible of their own deeds.

The problem of corruption is preponderant among politicians (as well as government officials). They are the ones whom the people have elected because they believe they are trustworthy individuals and who have faith in God.

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Ironically, when the election is near, politicians are busy on their campaign tactics. Sometimes, this season is the only time that they work hard to impress their constituents that they are deserving candidates. Building auditoriums and public plazas, reconstruction/rehabilitation/widening of roads (that are not totally ruined) and other ‘midnight projects’ that used to be done during their tenures. They also spend huge amount of money just to be viewed and heard their political propagandas through their TV and radio advertisements. And after been chosen and elected by the people, they are now safe for the next three years. And now that they are safe, they can do whatever they want to even if it has no relevance to the terms and conditions as representatives of the mass. And the worst is, almost, but not all, politicians commit the sin of corruption. I think they do it for two reasons: (1) their salaries are low and they need ‘extra’ income to support their materialistic spouses and children, and: (2) they are just greedy and want to place all money to their secrets bank accounts here and abroad.

As a result of their ‘hobby’, many Filipinos suffer poverty and famine. The budget that is allocated for the social services and development of each district is now on the volts of crocodiles. The money that is intended to be used during calamities has been used for the groceries and other family expenses of these greedy crocodiles.

See the difference? We love our country but there are others who do not. We pay right tax according to our salaries and other income sources to contribute to the national development programs but others do not and just hide their properties to escape paying taxes and to cover the corruption they do.

We love our country but love is not enough. If we really love our country then it should be reflected by our actions.